F0132-996 MASCOT ENERGY Low Cut Safety Shoe

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Footwear Energy_F013299618_PS_Original_4.jpg

F0132-996 MASCOT ENERGY Low Cut Safety Shoe


Elastic uppers of durable textile almost feel like an extra sock – they fit close and flexibly to the foot and deliver high comfort.

  • Removable insole with optimal arch support that can counteract the tendency to flat foot.

  • The front part of the shoe bends flexibly with the foot.

  • The composite toecap is completely free of metal. The composite material does not conduct heat or cold, so the composite toecap provides extra comfort in both hot and cold surroundings.

  • ETPU insert in the entire sole absorbs shock effectively, so the back and legs are protected with every step.

  • Shock-absorbing, soft and flexible two-component sole of PU/PU.

  • The weight of the footwear is among the lowest on the market.

  • ESD Approved to DIN EN 61340-4-3: 2002 + DIN EN 61340-5-1: 2008.

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