Throughout 2016, many company's across America will be faced with the question "Should I renew our company's uniform rental contract or should we consider buying uniforms direct?" There are many things to consider before you sign your name on the dotted line. We have examined countless uniform rental contracts and have spoke with those that manage these programs. What we found is that your decision should really come down to three major questions...

1. Do your employees work with hazardous or harmful chemicals that they cannot take home and wash themselves?

If the answer is YES then it is a good idea to partner with a laundry service. However, what we found is that nearly 60% of employees currently under a uniform rental contract actually wash their work clothes at home. This is important because your rental service will be charging you a service fee for each garment whether it is laundered that week or not. This adds up quite quickly and you end up paying more for the unused service than the clothes itself.

2. How important is purchasing quality uniforms for your staff and improving their satisfaction and your company's overall corporate image?

This seems like a loaded question but sometimes uniforms are not important to a company and they would rather spend resources elsewhere. For those that believe it is important, you should consider a direct buy program as you will receive much better overall quality than you will with a rental uniform program. When you choose direct buy, you are spending your money on quality garments versus necessary service fees. Under direct buy programs, your employees own the uniforms and are responsible for washing them. Direct buy programs are a program managers dream as it is very easy to administer and no hidden costs.  

3. When choosing a direct buy uniform program which brand should I go with?

Not all work brands are the same. That's quite obvious. The market is crowded with a lot of company's making a lot of noise out there. Try to look past it and look for value and the features that your employees need. For example, MASCOT offers a two year warranty on all products so when you buy you know that they will be around for at least two years or your money back. You should pick a brand that allows you to stand out, improve brand identity, and allow you to offer color options that can help to organize your group. MASCOT Workwear develops the latest in high performance workwear so that your employees feel more comfortable and are more efficient when they clock in. 

Before you sign your uniform contract, give MASCOT Workwear North America a call for a free program analysis. A MASCOT rep will run you through your options and we will beat your existing rental uniform program price guaranteed. We work with budgets of any size and would be happy to introduce you and your group to the most extensive, exciting high performance workwear line on the market. 

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