Top 3 reasons it may be time to switch safety workwear suppliers...


MASCOT Workwear's Unrivaled Service 

Most of us would agree that service is the foundation of any great program.  Without it, even a program with the best products at the best prices would have a tough time succeeding if orders didn't get where they were supposed to go; and didn't arrive when promised. Not to mention the more costly errors like embroidered logos on the WRONG garment can become.

In situations like this, everyone loses.  And critical relationship -makers like credibility, reputation and trust take a big hit that can take years to rebuild.  Yes, mistakes happen.  However, it's when the exceptions start to become the rule then you know your supplier problems are getting serious.

Maybe it's time to consider MASCOT.

Our goal is to not only make your job easier but also to keep those important relationship builders in good standing with those you serve.  Our state-of-the-art online fulfillment program puts you back in control by giving you access to delivery tracking, shipping status, stock levels in real time as well as invoicing and much, much more.

Aside from having great safety workwear,  we also offer Peace of Mind  - both yours and ours - in knowing that your workwear program is built upon a strong foundation of service and customer satisfaction. With a 99% fulfillment rate and a 2-3 day turn around for inventoried items, MASCOT Workwear is a partner you can count on.



And, just in case you'd prefer to work with a single source supplier. . .

MASCOT Workwear's here for you.  With over 600 products including Hi-Vis, uniforms, corporate apparel programs, rain wear, safety shoes, non-FR workwear, etc., etc., etc., our deep and diversified product offering has an unlimited potential. Imagine a one-stop-shop available for all your needs.  That is, of course, unless you don't have anything better to do:) 

Visit us at the NSC at Booth #769 or at the ICUEE at Booth #1830 and see our two NEW Hi-Vis lines.