MASCOT Workwear's Value Proposition #2:  Product 

When it comes to your current Hi Vis workwear line, you're probably thinking they're basically all the same.  And, you wouldn't be totally wrong.  Like ours, all HI Vis garments must meet the same ANSI standards for safety.  But, that'swhere it ends.

What makes MASCOT Workwear's 2 new Hi Vis safety lines different? The answer can be summed up in one word:  CHOICE. . .and lots of it.

With a total of 30 new products in 6 unique color combinations, MASCOT's Safe Supreme and Safe Light lets you decide what options & features you need most and how much you want to pay for it.   Regardless of the price point, you'll never have to compromise on safety, comfort fit, style and durability. They're always included!

Choices, choices

   •    Six 2-tone combinations which can be matched with MASCOT's other 600 products

    Finally, the right fit for EVERYONE.  Pants to fit everyone with 17 waist sizes and lengths that can be easily lengthened by 3 cm

    Because the link between productivity and personal comfort is undeniable, MASCOT offersthermal options for colder temperatures; lighter fabrics for warmer climates, strategically placed cotton on areas of our garment that come in direct contact with the skin, and elastic reflective tape on tops and sweatshirts for added flexibility.  Plus much more.

And more choices

When you require the highest safety class, MASCOT gives you the unique choice of selecting a product that carries a class 3 certification on its own; or you can select two products that are certified together as class 3.  Our simple lettering system puts the choice in your hands.

Going to the NSC in Atlanta? Visit MASCOT Workwear at booth #769 and see our two NEW  HI Vis lines:





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