Top three reasons it may be time to switch safety workwear suppliers

If you are in charge of managing your company's safety workwear program, do you find yourself continually forgiving performance issues because the thought of replacing suppliers is just one more thing you'd rather not spend more of your time on. If high expectations have evolved into toleration, read on...

Most buying decisions are focused around 3 factors-Price, Product,and Service- with all of them being closely linked. Thus, if even one of these are falling below expectations, it won't be long until the others follow. And then you're spending even more time and company resources on a program that should run itself. 

If your program isn't performing well on all cylinders and you'd like to turn those toleration's back into exceeds expectations', here are 3 great reasons to check us out.

MASCOT Workwear's Value Proposition #1- Pricing

How much does it cost? A fair question and one that can easily make or break a deal. However, as you may have already experienced, the lowest price does not guarantee the best deal.

While the right price is a powerful motivator and critical to the success of a workwear program, what's rarely calculated into it are the tangible costs of having to re-order and replace too often those products you got at the lowest price possible. What may be even worse is the hit to your credibility and reputation when people are disappointed. 

Price works best when it is calculated as a Value Proposition. MASCOT Workwear offers a premium product at a competitive price. 

The MASCOT Difference: We stand behind our reputation and our products by offering a 2 year warranty. That's right! We expect all our products to last at least 2 years and likely longer. 

Stay tuned for Value Proposition #2- Product