According to a recent poll by OSHA, each year workplace injuries cost companies $180 billion. On average, there are 10 workplace fatalities and 14,000 injuries EACH DAY! This staggering number is difficult to grasp given the increased focus by OSHA to educate and regulate dangerous working conditions.

These numbers suggest that sometimes you cannot remove all the risks within the construction, industrial and energy trades. Accidents will happen. However, the overall consensus is that we can do a much better job to reduce these costly statistics. Everyday, EHS managers are looking for new ways to contain workplace injuries and improve the working environments for their valued employees.

One hurdle that EHS managers face on a regular basis is ensuring that their employees wear the safety work clothing that is provided to them by their employer. Much too often, employees choose not to wear their protective clothing because it is uncomfortable, restricting, and lacks the function necessary for them to do their job effectively.  While this is unacceptable, you can emphasize with a construction worker who is working on the highways on a hot day and is not equipped with the proper breathable clothing to make their job safe. 

At MASCOT, we focus on creating safety work clothing that people actually WANT to wear by studying the way the body responds to extreme temperatures and developing fabrics that compliment their natural body movements. Our diverse safety line protects those who need it most and reduces your company's exposure to health and safety violations. For over 30 years, companies have trusted MASCOT Workwear to deliver dependable work clothing that functions on the job and lasts. We back every product with a two year warranty so you can purchase with confidence. 

Don't take unnecessary risks...Contact a MASCOT Representative today to learn how we can put together an affordable, smart safety program for your company.

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