We typically do not associate construction workers, oil riggers, manufacturing linemen, and industrial craftsmen as athletes but what they do on a regular basis is pretty amazing. These hard working men and women go to work every day in harsh environments and are involved in some pretty heavy lifting.

Working on your hands and knees for twelve hour shifts can pay a toll on your body. This is where MASCOT Workwear enters. MASCOT Workwear understands the strains and stresses created on the job sites and creates work clothing that helps makes life for these industrial athletes much easier. By utilizing the latest fabrics and designs, MASCOT offers tradesmen high performance work clothing that will last.

Anyone who has every held a job that requires you to get your hands dirty understands the importance of working smart. It's important to not overlook the role that your clothing can play when you're working. MASCOT works smart by understanding the workers needs and developing world class performance work clothing that keeps them more comfortable, protected and functional than any other work brand on the market today. You will notice the difference our products make on day one so you can spend more time getting your work done.