Have you ever been working and realized that you were not properly dressed for the job? The feeling is uncomfortable and extremely distracting. Failing to wear appropriate work attire in the industrial, construction and public safety sectors could be detrimental to your safety and overall health.

Most workwear companies create products that do not address the actual needs of the people wearing them everyday. However, for the past 30 years MASCOT has engineered work clothing specifically tailored to perform and aid the hard working people who wear it daily. Our design team sources the highest quality fabrics for our performance driven designs to improve flexibility, durability, comfort and style. 

With MASCOT Workwear, you can look good on the job and feel confident that you're prepared for whatever the day throws at you. So stop looking like the guy in jeans shorts at a wedding and look into MASCOT Workwear. You'll see the difference immediately.