Have you ever met someone who acts like they work harder than they really do? Of course you have. We all know this type of person. They're the type of person that spends countless hours of their day talking about their busy schedule while their work is just piling up. They focus on past accomplishments and loose sight on the future. But worst of all, they convince all those around them that they have all of the answers.

Many American Workwear brands have become "that guy." They have convinced the world that there are no other options besides their standard canvas offering. In addition, they spend endless amounts of dollars and time spreading their "hard working" image to you. Guess who pays for those commercials?

MASCOT Workwear focuses on creating the best innovative products to better serve those that appreciate quality and craftsmanship over marketing and catchy punchlines. After all, a commercial or advertisement never made my job any easier. Find out what you have been missing at www.maworkwear.com and shop for the best workwear on the market. Now get back to work!