My father always taught me that the lazy man works twice. Once to complete the job and another time to fix it. Working with purpose and accuracy is a trait all tradesmen value. The measure twice cut once mentality is virtue that separates the champions from the mediocre.

MASCOT Workwear has subscribed to this mentality since day one. MASCOT's "Tested To Work" mentality means that they will not introduce a new product unless it can withstand strenuous lab, wear-ability and function tests that all skilled craftsmen and industrial workers demand on the job.

We could take the easy way out and release products that offer no value outside of fulfilling the minimum requirement. We could sell cheap clothing that deteriorates after a few washing cycles. We could also take away our two year warranty on all zippers and seams because we're not completely confident that our products will cut it in the field. 

The truth is MASCOT would never do that because it is not who we are. We will always continue to offer the highest quality workwear on the market because it is ingrained in our DNA. We value perfection and will forever save the extra work for the lazy man.