Companies of all sizes are realizing the power of workwear to create the right impression externally. By incorporating corporate colors and logos, staff can become brand ambassadors while companies can distinguish themselves from the competition. For example, energy companies use this option to set themselves apart as a supplier in a highly competitive market.

There isn't just a trend among wearers of workwear to take more care in their appearance – also at the enterprise level, companies are preferring a more uniform and professional look, as well as the ability to create additional brand awareness.

Companies can create a more bespoke look that reflects their corporate identity at an affordable price and in response to this demand MASCOT® WORKWEAR in 2013 introduced MASCOT® UNIQUE. A comprehensive workwear range suited to both craftsmen and industry. The new two-tone workwear has grown to now be available in eight color combinations, and 23 product variants, in different fabric qualities providing multiple opportunities for variation.

To create your personal look MASCOT has produced a catalog to help aid your decision process. The NEW MIX & MATCH Brochure shows numerous configurations in your favorite and/or corporate colors.

Find your perfect match: Look up your corporate color and see all the possibilities to combine workwear from head to toe – mix products from across the MASCOT ranges.