What do an astronaut and the craftsman have in common? At first you wouldn't think much...but if you looked a little deeper that wouldn't be the case. MASCOT Workwear utilizes a highly technical fabric called OUTLAST in some of their advanced designs. OUTLAST was originally developed by NASA for their space program and has unique temperature regulating properties that allow for an ideal, comfortable temperature inside of some our jackets such as the FRONTERA (see below) . Simply put, as your body creates heat, OUTLAST pulls the heat away from the body and stores it in the cells of the garment. Conversely, when your body cools down, OUTLAST will redistribute that heat back to the skins surface to maintain a comfortable environment. OUTLAST is one of many fabrics that MASCOT uses to make sure every garment is worthy of their "TESTED TO WORK"  mission. For more information on OUTLAST or MASCOT Workwear contact a MASCOT Representative today.