Before any MASCOT product is brought to market, it undergoes strenuous testing both in a laboratory and on site with real tradesmen. This dedication to quality has made MASCOT Workwear one of the leading global brands in workwear and apparel for the last 30 years.

Our TESTED TO WORK mentality sets us apart from other workwear brands because it is often the road less traveled. Much of the workwear in the United States is commodity driven. While most workwear brands are focused on creating products that will meet the minimum standard, MASCOT Workwear is focused on setting the standard. Every stitch, seam, reinforcement and pocket have been specifically placed for a reason and has real life application in the field. Like most craftsmen, we take pride in our product line and are working hard everyday to bring the best products to those who need it most.

Our workwear is made for the people that know the difference between quality and commodity. If you know the difference, contact a MASCOT Workwear representative today or enter promo code "FRIENDS" at checkout for a 25% discount off your entire order.