We've all seen The Christmas Story, right? Everyone remembers that one scene when the mom is dressing the kids and Ralphie's brother is so layered up that he can't even put his arms down. Clearly this is on the extreme side of today's topic, but nonetheless this situation often happens to us when dressing for extremely cold climates.

MASCOT Workwear has engineered a three layer system that will keep you protected while not restricting your body's natural movements. When dressing for cold climates consider these three principals:

1.) Moisture Wicking Baselayers- The clothes you wear closest to the body must have a strong ability to absorb moisture, transfer it away from the body and distribute it to a larger area to allow the moisture to evaporate quickly.

2.) Insulation- The middle layer should be insulating and breathable. If it's extra cold, you can clothe yourself with several thin insulating layers.

3.) Wind/Water Resistance- The outer layer should be breathable to allow moisture from the body to escape. In addition, it should be windproof and waterproof to ensure maximum protection and comfort.

With over 17000 products, MASCOT Workwear has countless options to help you become more comfortable in extreme weather conditions. Check out some of our products online and contact a MASCOT Sales Rep today to learn more about how we can better prepare you for the cold wet season. 

 MASCOT Tondela Jacket, MASCOT Vagos Midlayer, MASCOT Parada Baselayer

MASCOT Tondela Jacket, MASCOT Vagos Midlayer, MASCOT Parada Baselayer