The American worker is demanding innovative clothing options to use in the work place. Now more than ever, customers are looking for performance driven work clothing that is highly protective, comfortable, durable, functional and stylish. I guess their voice is finally being heard as many U.S. clothing manufacturers are scrambling to meet these new consumer demands. 

Innovation is not easy. For many, it is difficult to predict what the next "thing" will be. While many clothing manufacturers scramble to find it, we at MASCOT Workwear have developed complete work clothing lines that address this new growing demand. MASCOT Workwear develops innovative fabrics in house so we can stay on the forefront of what the modern workwear demands out in the field. Whether you work on an oil rig, construction site or manufacturing line you can rest assured that MASCOT Workwear will have you outfitted properly, on time, every time. 

Check out our newest lines of ergonomic work wear and contact a MASCOT Representative if you have any questions. We are here to help in any way possible and are always happy to serve.

 Click Image to view new line of work clothing

Click Image to view new line of work clothing

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