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Imagine work trousers so comfortable, you won’t want to take them off. The trousers from MASCOT® ADVANCED are made from four-way stretch, which offers a feeling of ultimate freedom of movement. The multifunctional material combines the stretch qualities with a low weight and a high durability.

MASCOT's fabric quality 311: * is elastic in all directions, four-way stretch * feels soft and comfortable against the skin * is extremely sturdy and durable * has a low weight * gives the products an unsurpassed freedom of movement * has a water-repellent finish

MASCOT has recently launched a new video filled with dancing craftsmen, catchy tunes and high spirits. Check out the video and see how much you actually can move in the MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers. 

No more heavy and rigid work trousers
Does your job require you to move in ways where your traditional work trousers are put to the test? The MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers put an end to heavy, rigid trousers that tighten and bother. “You don’t really feel that you are wearing them” was the reaction from one of the craftsmen who tested the trousers. The soft, elastic material that follows the body’s movements makes the trousers feel almost like a second skin. 

Don’t compromise on features 
The elastic material doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on features. The MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers come in varieties with elastic and very durable kneepad pockets, well-arranged CORDURA® holster pockets, tool straps and smaller, closed pockets for mobile phone, glasses, business card, etc. If, during the day, you need to have you knees ventilated, the trousers have ventilation ducts that can easily be opened to initiate airflow. 

MASCOT® ADVANCED 17031 trousers with Dyneema® kneepad pockets and detachable holster pockets. The pockets can be filled with tools without limiting the freedom of movement. The holster pockets can be detached when the trousers need to be washed or the pockets have to be emptied. 

Choose between numerous combination possibilities
Find the MASCOT® ADVANCED trousers in seven different colors, numerous sizes and three leg lengths. The possibility to find the correct leg length among MASCOT’s three standard leg lengths enables pockets and other features to be placed in the right spot. In the assortment, besides the traditional long trousers, you will also find ¾ length trousers and shorts with detachable holster pockets. All varieties are made from the unique four-way stretch material that gives you work comfort in a completely new way. 

Buy them at 




When temperatures drop and it is time to prepare for winter, you can buy the heaviest jacket you can find to keep warm, or you can choose a few thinner and lighter, yet functional layers. In this way you are equipped for mild, hard or wet winter weather.

When you dress in layers it is about choosing the correct clothing from inner to outer, using a layer-on-layer concept. Correct clothing is workwear that matches your activity level and your surroundings. MASCOT has launched a new range of workwear, MASCOT® ADVANCED, especially suited for tradesmen and construction. The range includes a large selection of T-shirts, jumpers and jackets designed to be combined in layers. In MASCOT® ADVANCED you will find more than 20 products, as well as new colors, prints and functions for the workwear market.

Layer 1: Stay dry 
A moisture wicking layer: 

 Mascot Parada

Mascot Parada

Comfort at all temperatures 
Your inner layer should first and foremost be moisture wicking, so you avoid getting cold. You will best achieve this with a polyester material combined with an elastic fibre to maintain your freedom to move. This you will find in the new, thin, close-fit stretch T-shirts that offer a great freedom of movement. The fabric is moisture wicking, quick drying and has an antibacterial treatment that prevents the formation of odours. The products offer you comfortable and effective regulation of your body temperature – even in warm working conditions, and when you are physically active. 

Layer 2: Keep warm 
A warm layer with insulating lining: 

 17103-316 Fleece

17103-316 Fleece

Keep warm with one or more insulating layers

In the transition period you can often be content with just two layers – a moisture wicking layer and an insulating layer. The insulating layer, however, may be a combination of multiple layers. The 17115 jacket with the insulating CLIMASCOT® lining is an obvious choice if you are looking for a lightweight and soft jacket that keeps you warm. When it gets cold, the jacket functions very well as an insulating layer due to the lining’s very low mass. The jacket has stretch-fabric at the sides and on the inside of the sleeves, so your freedom of movement isn’t limited. The chest pocket and the front pockets are closed with zip to keep the pocket’s contents safely stored. 

Consider supplementing the insulating layer with a new version of fleece jumper that has a smooth surface and a close fit with great freedom of movement. It also features a high collar and can be zipped close to the neck to help keep you warm. At the wrist you will find holes for the thumbs, so the sleeves can be pulled down over the hands. It is available in version with either full zipper or half zip: 

Layer 3: Protect against the weather
Wind and waterproof jacket:

 17101-311 Weatherproof Jacket

17101-311 Weatherproof Jacket

The outer layer has to protect you against the weather with wind and waterproof properties. But you should also remember breath-ability. High breath-ability is important to keep warm. If you cannot get rid of the moisture, you will get wet and then cold. The 17001 jacket is breathable, windproof and waterproof – certified according to EN 343. The jacket is lightweight and flexibly follows your movements, with a four-way stretch material. And, it can be adjusted to fit you: the detachable hood, the collar and the waist all can be adjusted. On the whole, the jacket has multiple functions to protect you against wind and cold. The sleeves have an internal rib at cuffs with hole for the thumbs, so the jacket covers the back of your hand. The jacket’s back is extended to protect at the lower back, also when you bend.

Keep warm and stay dry all winter. Count to three when you dress for your workday. 

1 Stay dry
2 Keep warm
3 Protect against the weather

Combine the layers according to the temperature and your level of activity.




MASCOT Workwear Launches New Advanced Range that Revolutionizes Modern Work Clothing


MASCOT revolutionizes the workwear industry with the launch of three trousers and a ¾-length trouser, all with four-way stretch. But, not just stretch! High durability, an innovative knee pad pocket design and excellent freedom of movement are also integrated.

These aren’t just work trousers; these are trousers so comfortable you won’t want to take them off! Such was the conclusion of our test panel when they evaluated the new trousers and ¾-length trousers that have ergonomics, comfort and the durability to withstand most challenges. 

Movement without limitations 
When MASCOT decided to develop new trousers, the task was clear: MASCOT was not interested in making trousers that were only partly made of stretch material; the new trousers had to be made with 100% four-way stretch so workers could experience freedom of movement at an entirely new level. It was all hands on deck for MASCOT’s laboratory, design, development and wearer trial departments as the fabric had to be more than just elastic, it also had to be extremely durable. Conversely, the durability could not get in the way of comfort, and the fabric had to be lightweight. Through many months the fabric was tested and adjusted, and the result was exactly as hoped. The new trousers are made of soft elastic fabric and are lightweight, extraordinarily durable, and water-repellent. 

Flexibility and ventilation at the knee area 
Product testers from the trade and construction industries have been closely involved in the development of details on the new trousers through research and wearer trials. During the research phase, they expressed a demand for trousers with a knee area that was flexible and could be ventilated. In the new trousers, this resulted in kneepad pockets made with stretch materials so the freedom of movement isn’t limited. In addition, the kneepads can be easily removed from the side via a zipper on each pocket. This can be done quickly even when wearing the trousers. The zipper on the inside of the trousers at the knee also serves another function; it can be opened to ventilate the knee area, which can otherwise become too warm during the workday. Furthermore, the ergonomically formed trouser leg can be adjusted with the help of a press stud adjustment at the foot. 

With the kneepad pocket design, MASCOT combines durability with freedom of movement. A new and unique material composition combines the durable materials CORDURA®, Kevlar® and Dyneema®, and brings the durability of the kneepad pockets to new heights.

Stronger than steel 
The durability has to be top class, and in the areas where you wear your clothes the most, you need extra reinforcements, e.g., at the knees. In the new trousers, MASCOT has developed a new material that combines CORDURA® and Kevlar® with the fiber Dyneema®, which markets itself as being stronger than steel. The trousers also have a ruler pocket of CORDURA®, an integrated and detachable ID-card holder, a tool strap and a thigh pocket with phone pocket with magnetic fastening.

Obviously, you have to choose trousers to fit your needs. But with these, you can adapt the trousers according to your changing tasks. Adjust the trousers at the foot, remove the ID-card and use the zippers to add and remove the holster pockets. The detachable holster pockets make it easy to empty the pockets of dirt, or wash your trousers without having to empty the holster pockets.

A part of something bigger 
The new generation of trousers is a part of the new MASCOT® ADVANCED range. Choose from 7 colors including the brand new colors dark petroleum and moss green. The three models of trousers come in three different leg lengths in a wide range of sizes, and both trousers and ¾-length trousers have a fit suited for both men and women.

Workwear for all challenges 
STRETCH – STRONG – LIGHTWEIGHT – watch the film and discover the possibilities in MASCOT’s trousers with 100% stretch.



Is your brand still worthy of your loyalty?

Whether you’re buying or selling a product or service, we all recognize the critical role branding plays in determining what gets bought and what gets sold.  Those lucky enough to get it right will tell you that the process involved in a successful branding strategy is both long and difficult.  At its core, a brand is a promise to your customer telling them what they can expect from buying their product, and how or why it’s different - and better - than the competitors.  The brand is a name - but it's the attributes behind it and what that name represents that make it stand out from the pack and keep it on top.

As consumers, our relationship with brands is an evolving one.  Early on, we may choose to buy a particular brand because we want to identify with the greater public's perception of its attributes.  Down the road, we may choose brands that are more closely aligned with our own attributes and how we define value. When we can identify attributes in a product or service that match our own idea of value, a brand loyal customer is born . . . definitely the gold standard by which all branding strategies are measured.

Funny thing about success . . . once a product reaches it and achieves brand equity, those making and selling it can charge more than what an identical unrecognized brand would fetch in the marketplace (even if that unrecognized brand is as good or better).

For those charged with purchasing employee workwear, maintaining brand loyalty works well when the brand continues to keep its promise about who they are and their abilityto consistently deliver a product that meets, and hopefully exceeds, expectations.

If not, brand loyalty can easily become a crutch and an excuse for not asking the tough questions and beginning the process of looking for a new brand that will work hard to earn and keep your business.  New or 'pioneer' brands like MASCOT Workwear are a great place to start. They'll work hard for your business because they have to!

ABOUT US: MASCOT Workwear is a global leading brand of high performance work clothing and outerwear. We strive to develop the most innovative clothing on the market be incorporating the latest in fabric innovation paired with sleek functional design. MASCOT Workwear offers individuals and companies alike the option to stand out in the crowd and look professional regardless of your job requirement. Contact us today at 800.459.4405. 


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Workwear pricing not keeping pace with 'green' technology

If your job is to purchase workwear for resale or to manage your company's  in-house employee uniform program, you may be starting to notice some changes.  Specifically, a new set of consumer preferences including what they want, why they want it and what their willing to pay for it. 

Thanks to mountains of research, projections, and 5-year trending forecasts, we can be pretty confident in knowing where the industry is heading and, depending where you fall on the manufacturing/distribution channel, where to position yourself  to prepare for and take advantage of the evolution going on in the workwear market. 

Aside from a renewed appreciation for quality and craftsmanship, today's consumers  are more environmentally-conscious than ever before demanding that the products they buy and the way their made, are eco-friendly, sustainable and safe (to name a few). And, their willing to pay more for it too.  It probably comes as no surprise that the millennials, those roughly 75 million 18-34 year olds moving into their prime spending years, are leading the pack on this movement that is defining the 'new normal' in an aging industry.

Similarly, we've all experienced a 'new normal' at some point in our lives and it's usually painful at first, but eventually it's hard to imagine it any other way.  Would you even consider throwing your McDonald's trash out your car window?  Or find it almost amusing to see no smoking signs in airplanes, elevators and even hospitals?  And some day in the not too distant future, we'll look back in disbelief on some of the environmentally devastating manufacturing processes that gave birth to the whole green movement.

And, this is not just a millennial thing.  Both Gen Z'ers (ages 15-20) and Baby Boomers (50-64) have jumped on this bandwagon in dramatic fashion as well.

So, while research (and common sense) strongly supports where this industry is going, workwear resellers and the other players in the business tend to agree with and recognize this need for change.

However, there does appear to be a major disconnect when it comes to pricing.

Fortunately, MASCOT Workwear has been ahead of the curve for over 30 years. If you're unfamiliar with MASCOT it won't be long before our line hits the shelves of a retailer near you. Our premium workwear brand recently introduced in the U.S., uses the latest in innovative green technologies to deliver both "Eco-friendly" and on the site performance that our customer demands. More often than not, workwear resellers are excited about the new life that companies like MASCOT are breathing into this mature market that has been in need of resuscitation for quite some time.  

Research overwhelmingly supports consumers' willingness to pay a little more to get more of what they want.  We must also keep in mind that while scientists and engineers are expected to build a better and greener manufacturing process, they must do it without compromising on the integrity, quality and performance of the fabric.

Sound impossible? It's not and MASCOT has been doing it for decades.  However,  until 'green' technology becomes a 'new normal' and industry standard, we all have to share in the cost of progress. To expect price points to stagnate while the products explode with new technology and improved features and benefits just doesn't add up.   

Spend a few more bucks for the good stuff.  Let your customers decide if it's worth it.  





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Two New Products that will make your Jaw Drop!


Two New Products that will make your Jaw Drop!


This is one of those mic drop moments. When MASCOT's team of designers and developers engineered the Adra and the Madrid they outdid themselves...even by MASCOT Workwear's high standard. The brand new MASCOT® Adra and MASCOT® Madrid trousers are for tradesmen who demand EVERYTHING from their workwear trousers. The trousers are full of pockets and details, have high durability and a level of comfort all of their own, thanks to elasticated areas.

MASCOT® Madrid has holster pockets; while MASCOT® Adra has CORDURA® reinforced areas such as the front pocket (suited to screwdrivers etc) although they are otherwise similar. 

This is a brand new league of trousers for the construction industry to arrive in stores soon. The trousers have been under development for many, many months. Our TESTED TO WORK procedures involve a thorough assessment of the products out in the field before they go into production. MASCOT® Madrid and MASCOT® Adra have, therefore, already been ’on the job’ for a long time in various industry trades in the test period. For that reason, pockets and fit have been customised down to the smallest detail by your colleagues in the industries. The fabric has also been through a number of checks at MASCOT’s laboratories, guaranteeing the user the highest level resistance to wear. The trousers feature many CORDURA® and Kevlar® details, providing extra resistance to wear in exposed areas, giving the whole product a long lifespan.  


 MASCOT Adra Work Pant

MASCOT Adra Work Pant

The first thing to note when you put these trousers on is that they are very comfortable to wear. The trousers feature ergonomically designed legs and a fitted lining, so that they follow all body movements. The gussets made from elastic fabric, especially around the knees, leads to increased freedom of movement, particularly when working on your knees. Extra comfort in hot conditions has also been thought of, with ventilation ducts around the back of the knees, where it can often be especially warm when using knee pads. 

The many practical pockets, some with magnetic fasteners, make the trousers flexible in use, ideally suited to all trades in the construction industry. The back compartment of the thigh pocket is designed to hold a mini-tablet, and there is otherwise a lot of space for tools. MASCOT® Madrid’s thigh pocket is especially spacious and the left pocket can be expanded with the help of magnets in the bottom that can be loosened to create space.

Ruler pocket with Kevlar® reinforcement – especially durable against pointy or sharp objects. High durability on the front pockets is ensured by CORDURA® reinforcements – especially important when power tools hang from the pockets.

CORDURA® reinforced kneepad pockets - with insertion of kneepads from above, with flap, so they do not collect dirt and can easily be extended by 3 cm by releasing the red stitching on the inside.

The trousers are available in three different leg lengths and a huge range of sizes. As a new feature, the wearer can lengthen the trousers by up to 3 cm by quite simply undoing an internal seam by using a knife. 

You will be able to find MASCOT® Madrid and MASCOT® Adra at your local retailer from March 2016. Choose from the colors dark navy blue, white, black, dark anthracite or khaki.



Interested in being apart of the Workwear Revolution? Give us a call!




3 things to consider before you renew your company's uniform contract...

Throughout 2016, many company's across America will be faced with the question "Should I renew our company's uniform rental contract or should we consider buying uniforms direct?" There are many things to consider before you sign your name on the dotted line. We have examined countless uniform rental contracts and have spoke with those that manage these programs. What we found is that your decision should really come down to three major questions...

1. Do your employees work with hazardous or harmful chemicals that they cannot take home and wash themselves?

If the answer is YES then it is a good idea to partner with a laundry service. However, what we found is that nearly 60% of employees currently under a uniform rental contract actually wash their work clothes at home. This is important because your rental service will be charging you a service fee for each garment whether it is laundered that week or not. This adds up quite quickly and you end up paying more for the unused service than the clothes itself.

2. How important is purchasing quality uniforms for your staff and improving their satisfaction and your company's overall corporate image?

This seems like a loaded question but sometimes uniforms are not important to a company and they would rather spend resources elsewhere. For those that believe it is important, you should consider a direct buy program as you will receive much better overall quality than you will with a rental uniform program. When you choose direct buy, you are spending your money on quality garments versus necessary service fees. Under direct buy programs, your employees own the uniforms and are responsible for washing them. Direct buy programs are a program managers dream as it is very easy to administer and no hidden costs.  

3. When choosing a direct buy uniform program which brand should I go with?

Not all work brands are the same. That's quite obvious. The market is crowded with a lot of company's making a lot of noise out there. Try to look past it and look for value and the features that your employees need. For example, MASCOT offers a two year warranty on all products so when you buy you know that they will be around for at least two years or your money back. You should pick a brand that allows you to stand out, improve brand identity, and allow you to offer color options that can help to organize your group. MASCOT Workwear develops the latest in high performance workwear so that your employees feel more comfortable and are more efficient when they clock in. 

Before you sign your uniform contract, give MASCOT Workwear North America a call for a free program analysis. A MASCOT rep will run you through your options and we will beat your existing rental uniform program price guaranteed. We work with budgets of any size and would be happy to introduce you and your group to the most extensive, exciting high performance workwear line on the market. 

Contact Michael at 800.459.4405 for a free estimate.


Why Most Uniforms Stink...


Why Most Uniforms Stink...

The American worker has been severely under served when it comes to the work apparel that they are outfitted with on the job. Most work clothing options are uninspired and treated as commodities with limited value. This sends a contradictory message that companies do not care about their employees. Yet, this couldn't be farther from the truth. Most employers are not aware of the options that are out there that can help improve employee retention and on the job satisfaction, reduce the burden associated with uniform management and purchasing, and elevate a company's overall corporate image and identity.

Unfortunately, most work clothing products are meant to be replaced. After all, reorders are great for business. The problem with purchasing low quality items should not surprise you. It's no different then purchasing low quality anything. You typically spend much more time working to replace and repair versus doing it right the first time around. You should also assess whether renting or direct buy uniforms is right for your company. Do your employees wash there garments at home? If so, don't spend unnecessary dollars on the service that's attached to rental laundry programs. If you work with hazardous chemicals then you should likely select a laundry program. Either way it does require some thought and MASCOT Workwear is here to help. 

For over 30 years, MASCOT Workwear has made a name for itself as the most trusted brand when it comes to producing high quality, thoughtful, rugged work clothing that can withstand brutal wear and tear. In fact, MASCOT offers a two-year warranty on all products so that you can purchase with confidence. Compare that to what you are buying today...

photo 9_Web 72dpi resample_6.jpg

Quality doesn't have to come with a high price tag either. We work with company's budgets and assign your own work wear consultant who can offer you product recommendations and your own account manager so you don't have to talk to a computer when you have a question. Often considered the "best value" work wear on the market, purchasing MASCOT Workwear for yourself or your team is more affordable then ever. Give us a call and meet one of our knowledgeable account managers who will take the time to educate you on picking a program that works best for you. 







MASCOT's New Catalog is now available!

In connection with the largest product launch in MASCOT’s history, MASCOT introduces a new main catalog. The catalog contains a record number of products, and at the same time introduces MASCOT’s new concept: MASCOT celebrates passion.

MASCOT launches a new main catalog on 436 pages featuring over 600 products – a record number of products. Three new ranges are presented: MASCOT® SAFE SUPREME, MASCOT® SAFE LIGHT and MASCOT® LIGHT, as well as new products to supplement the existing ranges. The catalog focuses on sublime durability, optimal freedom of movement and comfort in any weather. At the beginning of each range, a QR code and a link forwards the reader to a video of the featured products.

MASCOT's passion
The recurring theme in this year’s catalog is MASCOT celebrating the passion: the passion and enthusiasm for workwear. In the catalog, readers get an insight into the company with quotes from employees highlighting MASCOT’s culture and passion for workwear.

Targets a wide segment
MASCOT’s catalog addresses a wide segment of industries,  whatever it be construction, trade, service, industry, production, logistics or offshore. After each chapter, the products are compiled and categorized by colors, making it easier to choose products for your industry or company color. Following the introduction of the ranges, MASCOT presents the ‘Mix and Match’ concept; a tool to combine MASCOT’s products across ranges and colors to fit personal style and company requirements.

New materials that are Tested to Work
The catalog also includes detailed descriptions of new and innovative materials such as PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Eco, which MASCOT uses in some of the product news. The new main catalog from MASCOT is an extensive overview of their products, all developed and manufactured with consideration for the quality statement Tested to work.

You can find the main catalog from MASCOT here: